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Fresh Cut Rose Care & Handling

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  • Remember roses are very thirsty! Make sure your vase never runs low or if they are in a foam oasis, make sure the foam is always dripping moist.

  • If your roses are delivered loose in a box, keep them in a cool dark place until they can be arranged.

  • Prior to arranging, remove all the leaves, especially those below the waterline. Prepare a clean vase that suits the size of your rose bouquet.

  • While holding your roses under running tap water or distilled standing water, cut 1 inch off the bottom of each stem. Avoid using a home or commercial water softener as the salts can cause premature wilting.

  • Use sharp floral pruners when cutting. This process will stop air bubbles from penetrating the stem.

  • Make sure you add the correct amount of floral preservative and if you refill your vase, be sure to add more floral preservative.

  • After arranging, if possible, place the arrangement in a cool, dark room for 2-3 hours.

  • When picking a location, try to display your roses away from drafts, heating vents, and bright sunny windows.

  • If a rose should wilt prematurely, check the stem for any breaks or scrapes. If there is no visible damage, try re-cutting the stem.

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